Windshield Replacement Richmond, VA

Has your car windshield been hit by road debris or another foreign object? Having trouble seeing through the glass or are you just nervous that the little chip is going to grow larger and causes issues? Look no further than our windshield replacement guide to have all your questions answered.

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Why Replace Your Windshield

We’ve all had a little chip or a small crack on our windshields at one time or another. It felt like nothing, and you weren’t really concerned about it since it was such a tiny little chip. Then one night it got really cold and you woke up to a crack stemming from that little chip. Now you’re concerned, and wary of driving your vehicle. You don’t want to turn the defroster on because you’re concerned it will only make matters worse, and you’re right. Defrosters are great for heating up your windshield, but that’s exactly what you don’t want to do when you have a crack. The heat will only expand the glass and cause it to crack more.

This is why it’s recommended to replace your windshield at the first signs of a crack. Small chips can be repaired with caution, but you should always be wary and keep a close eye on that section to ensure that your repair went as planned. The last thing you want is to constantly be repairing the same chip over and over again.

The safety of you and your loved ones should always be your top priority when operating a vehicle, and a cracked windshield can stand between a safe trip to your destination and a living nightmare. The speed that a certified expert can replace your windshield in should be the biggest clue that a replacement will not impede your life. You won’t spend hours at the mechanics, they will usually come to you to install it.

Richmond Windshield Replacement Costs

The price for a windshield replacement varies greatly and it’s important to have these details ready when you contact your windshield replacement company:

  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Vehicle Year

With this information handy you will be able to receive the most accurate quote possible. Due to the nature of different cars, some windshields can end up costing over a thousand dollars, but that most likely won’t be the case if you own a normal vehicle. A general vehicle windshield replacement will likely cost you between $150 and $500, though your insurance may at least cover a partial amount of the repair.

Windshield Replacement Process

The process to replace a windshield is fairly straightforward, but should never be attempted on your own. It’s critical that you contact a certified windshield installer. The last thing you want is to install a new windshield yourself and do it improperly causing the windshield to break prematurely. This could end up costing you your life, as well as those around you. Please always contact a certified installer for a windshield replacement.

A certified installer will be able to install your windshield for you in under two hours usually, as long as there are no complications. Generally they can come to you since they will be aware that it’s dangerous for you to drive your vehicle with a cracked windshield.

After The Replacement: Top Tips

Once you have your windshield replaced it’s important to follow these guidelines to ensure that you don’t prematurely add too much strain to the adhesive. It’s advisable that you wait at least two hours before driving your vehicle to allow the adhesive to really stick. You should also not remove the tape that’s placed on the seams. It’s meant to ensure that rain or other elements don’t enter your vehicle and destroy the adhesive.

You should also try to keep the windshield as clean as possible. Clear off your dashboard and don’t use your sun protector for a few days. Try to keep your vehicle in non extreme temperatures if possible to allow the windshield to fully adhere to the frame of the vehicle.

When first entering your vehicle you should carefully check to make sure no broken glass was left in the vehicle. Your replacement technician should have carefully checked the entire interior of the car for you, but it’s still possible that they may miss a few small shards of glass. Better safe than sorry!

Windshield Replacement Quotes! Compare Car Window Quotes and Get 3 Free Local Bids In 10 seconds

Contact A Certified Windshield Installer In Richmond, VA Today

Where you bring your car to be worked on is always an important question, and a windshield replacement is no different. In fact, a windshield serves as your first line of defense against road debris and can cause a terrifying experience if it begins to crack when you are on the highway. So going to the cheapest shop is rarely the best advice for a windshield replacement. This is due to many factors, but the biggest reason for this is to give you peace of mind when driving. No one wants to feel nervous that the cheap shop didn’t use the proper adhesive, or installed the windshield improperly. You want to continue on with your life and not think about your windshield.

We do our best to ensure that everyone within our network is properly trained and has a great history of replacing windshields. We work with highly skilled auto glass installers in Richmond so you can rest easy knowing your windshield replacement will go smoothly. Contact one of our trusted, certified installers today and get your peace of mind back!